ZE-NC5011D – custom-fit to your OPEL

A precise fit, child’s play to operate, perfect connection to all vehicle-specific comfort functions – with the ZE-NC5011D you can easily retrofit a multimedia navigation system in your OPEL. The E>GO integrates perfectly into diverse OPEL models, visually and technically. Connection to the vehicle electronics is accomplished in next to no time. The ZE-NC5011D is linked to the steering wheel remote control, the onboard computer and the driver information display via the vehicle-specific CAN bus interface.

The ZE-NC5011D offers close to everything that you would want in terms of entertainment and communication: an abundance of multimedia functions, Bluetooth hands-free calling and a load of connecting options for all kinds of additional components. With the twist of a hand you can connect DVB-T and DAB+ tuners, extra monitors, rear view cameras, or game consoles to the ZE-NC5011D.
Absolute upper class is the highly precise sat nav system with a large premium POI database, to pinpoint you with full convenience to any desirable location in 43 European countries. The TMC based incoming traffic bulletins inform you in good time about traffic jams and obstructions on your route.


Function overview

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_LFBSteering wheel remote control integration

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_GID-DisplayOPEL driver info display integration

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_BCS_menuOPEL onboard computer integration

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_einfache_bedienbarkeitOptimized ease of use

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_Navi_BT_InfoBar_11All-round information

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_FINAL_iPod_playbackpageSimple connection of iPod/iPhone

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_USB_PlaylistsEasy folder managemen

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_Video_PlaybackHigh-resolution LCD TFT display

Funny boy with his toy carEasy parking and maneuvering

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_Save_Settings_ExportImport/export of user settings

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_kopfstuetzeIndividual entertainment

Funktion_ZE-NC5011D_24bit-converter24-bit D/A converter

Vehicle compatibility

ModelTypeModel Year
OPEL Antaran.a.as of 2007
OPEL AstraH2007 - 2011
OPEL ZafiraB2007 - 2011

Product catalogue


Device compatibility

iPhone/iPod Compatibility List Compatible Audio and Video Files Bluetooth Compatibility List
English/German English English


DAB+ tuner

HD DVB-T tuner

DVB-T tuner

ZE-MU62D Monitor

License plate camera

Rear view camera

ZENEC All-In-One - this does not mean only full compatibility to all popular audio and video formats, but also easy integration of further ZENEC devices like DVB-T and DAB+ tuner, rear view cameras, headphones or monitors for perfect rear zone entertainment. You can connect all external devices to the E>GO naviceiver and comfortably control these components via touchscreen or with the IR remote control included in the delivery..


Answer: Make sure your USB data carrier has been formatted in FAT32 – prior to use. Zenec recommends the use of high quality USB sticks only. Study the corresponding key features of the ZENEC device, for supported USB flash memory data carriers. Note that the USB connector of the device is current limited to 400 mA maximum consumption. In most cases, external hard disk models will easily exceed 400mA and thus, Zenec does not endorse the use of such products. Additional info for troubleshooting of USB flash memory devices and MP3 playback:

USB – Troubleshooting audio playback

Answer: It may happen that the file system of the disk got damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defect due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reason for this to happen, such as usage or storage of data carriers and problems occurring at the initial format process. In such cases, you must format the data carrier once more to get it to work as intended. Windows Vista and Win7 offer two options, i.e. you can apply a quick format or a full format of carrier. For all cases related to data carriers that seem to cause problems, it is highly suggested to do a full format process. Make sure the check mark for quick format is not set. Also pay attention that the FAT32 file system is selected before you start the format process.

Info: If the disc after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself. In such a case, you should use a different data carrier of another brand or manufacturer.

Answer: SD as well as SDHC cards are supported. Make sure your SD/SDHC card is FAT32 formatted. Zenec recommends the usage of high quality SD/SDHC cards with a data volume of 8 GB. SDHC cards up to 16 GB data volume are supported.

Answer: Please take into account that we use, for entire Western Europe and standard, non motorhome devices, maps from the market leader TELE Atlas. It happens that, at a few rare spots on the map, incorrect map data may cause a navigation error. We recommend that such findings should be reported to Tele Atlas directly, to enable them to correct their own data. Direct map errors report link: mapinsight.teleatlas.com/mapfeedback/index.php

Answer: With the traffic messaging channel the navigation unit is able to receive traffic jam information. Thus, navigation can calculate by-passes in real time. This function is activated ex works. TMC Pro gets additional traffic information from private measuring services by which the accuracy increases. To activate TMC Pro you have purchase a lifetime license over Naviextras.

Answer: Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC homepage. Go to “Support” and then select the button “Software Updates”. Do never install “updates” from other unknown sources, as this might damage your device irreversibly.

Answer: ZENEC frequently releases software updates to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve reliability in general, or to roll-out up to date BT firmware that offer compatibility with brand new mobile phones.

Answer: Devices from 2011 and on offer the so called slide touch operation: Tap and keep screen contact, when sliding your finger to the desired direction. This gesture has the same effect as tapping on the first two markers in the upper screen area.

Answer: The screen brightness is controlled via GPS. It is designed to automatically switch between day and night illuminations by evaluating the GPS time stamp. In order to do so, it needs GPS signal reception, which leads to a 20 seconds decision delay after powering the device ON. Go to (Setup> Video> Picture) and enter preset values for day and night brightness. You may also override the automatic GPS commutation to manual control, by changing the navigation map settings (NAV> More> Settings> Map settings> Colour> Auto/Day/Night).

Answer: If the voltage supply drops under approx. 9 V, your ZE-NC5011D automatically shuts down to avoid operation faults. This is a self protection mechanism and not a defect. You may, however, check your electrical installation (battery worn, bad or corroded ground connections, etc.).

Answer: No. But the ZE-NC5011D supports an integrated high quality hands-free device from Parrot. In case your phone has Bluetooth ability, the ZE-N5011D offers a comprehensive hands-free device function. Once you have paired your mobile with the ZE-NC5011D, you can handle your calls completely via touch screen.

Built-in ex works hands-free devices should be completely shut down, by removing the respective fuse. If you omit that, you will probably encounter distortions during parallel operation.

Answer: GPS antennas are usually equipped with a standard FAKRA connector that can be connected to the ZE-NC5011D. However, we still recommend to install and use the ZENEC GPS antenna supplied with the set – since it is tailored to this particular device and will, most likely, offer a higher reception performance.

Answer: No, you cannot turn on the ZENEC E>GO device when ignition of vehicle is off.

E>GO units are connected to the CAN network of the vehicle they are mounted to and require CAN data for certain functions to operate correctly. CAN data is only present in the vehicle, when ignition status is on – for this reason operation of the unit is not possible when ignition of the car has been set to its off position.

Answer: Yes, the park sensors and their audible messages still work.

Answer: Yes it does support the following displays: GID; CID; TID; BID.

Answer: Please make sure that the brown connector on the backside of the ZE-NC5011D is properly inserted. This wire lead transmits the CAN data between the interface to the ZE-NC5011D. Integration to the driver information display is not provided, but the steering wheel remote control functions – when present in the car – work exactly as found on the OE radio.

Answer: The vehicle must be equipped with the “OE radio prearrangement” from the factory, to allow straightforward installation of the ZE-NC5011D. The physical appearance of the OE installed radio must be identical with the ZE-NC5011D, else installation is not possible. Please refer to the compatibility list.

Answer: Please make sure that the brown connector on the backside of the ZE-NC5011D is properly inserted. This wire lead transmits the CAN data between the interface to the ZE-NC5011D. Integration to the driver information display is not provided, but the steering wheel remote control functions – when present in the car – work exactly as found on the OE radio.

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