ZE-MR1502 – 39.1 cm/15.4" Roof mount monitor


  • 39.1 cm/15.4" 16:9 aspect ratio TFT-LCD display panel of high brightness
  • 3,072 x 768 pixels panel resolution with a total count of 2,359,296 dots
  • High contrast LCD screen with 330 x 205 mm active display area
  • Large viewing angle left/right > 60° / top > 30° / down > 60°
  • Compact and shallow housing design for best integration and mountability
  • Rubber coated monitor housing for extra wear resistance and durability
  • Adjustable tilt angle < 150°
  • Multi-norm video system with NTSC & PAL auto switching
  • Setup and picture adjustment by on-screen display menu
  • A/V-extension cord with multiconnector for power supply and AV-inputs
  • 2 x A/V RCA-input
  • 1 x A/V RCA-output
  • Integrated IR-transmitter to operate wireless IR-headphones
  • Integrated automatically switched white LED twin dome lights
  • IR-remote control

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Entertainment in the rear zone of a vehicle – the passengers on the rear seats can watch a DVD movie or play a videogame via a monitor and a head set, while the driver comfortably navigates through the city or listens to his favorite CD or the radio. ZENEC‘s high-resolution roof mount monitor provides an excellent cinema like experience: flicker-free, extremely sharp and high-contrast pictures on the road and in each vehicle.

The ZE-MR1502 is intended for use with all moni- or naviceivers, DVD players or DVB-T tuners, which are equipped with an RCA A/V output. ZENEC’s extremely compact, flat, easy-to-install monitor attaches to the vehicle‘s ceiling and can be flipped down when needed – as in airliners. The ZE-MR1502 is also suitable for mounting in mobile homes, caravans or even buses. ZENEC‘s roof mount monitor can be set up directly using the onscreen menu or with the separate IR remote control.